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erm new? 
06:17pm 20/12/2005
mood: amused
'Ello kids-

I'm new here :D

I've been drawing in the manga-esque style since I was 13 or so. Now however, I have entered into a more realistic looking style. I'm not as gung-ho about manga as I was when I was younger...do I daresay I grew out of it? But among my favorites now (which has dwindled a lot lately but thats OK) are Ai yazawa (who greatly influenced my style) Clamp, and Hajime Ueda/Gainax--but yes I may enter the TOKYOPOP contest next year cause I'm a busy college girl and I dont have a scanner so basically I have to wait til summer.

But my reason of being here--Anyone have any idea where a REALLY good and FREE webhost is??? I've always wanted to get something up and running cause my mind is bursting with ideas and right now I'm sitting on a manga gold-mine! XD

Hope to hear from you all soon!

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newbie newbie 
04:05pm 18/06/2004
mood: new
I don't know if I'm technically allowed to be here, since I just write for an online comic. XD But, um, hello anyway.

Since most of my background is in writing (I draw, too, but not as well, and certainly not well enough to do my own manga), I tend to use the same techniques when I do manga scripting as when I start a short story. Like amanushika said: who're the characters? what do I want them to do? I spend a lot of time thinking about the characters and their backgrounds and personalities, because manga with well-developed characters is the kind I like to read. ^_^ So I usually start with the characters and work from there.

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12:14am 30/09/2003
  Hi, I just joined and am new and such. o^-^o I just wanted to share an idea of what sometimes works well.

To be honest I find it helpful to not bind yourself to one work at a time. If you do that you might find one incredibly cool storyline, and instead of letting it become its own work you'll drag it into a story where it might not fit as well.

Plus what helps too is to bring in everyday experiences into your manga. Like right now I do a keenspace comic that centers around the adventures of my three friends and I. I almost would want to eventually make that more manga-esque, but right now its flowing better as a free form monster.

Also go to Borders and read lots of mangas. That helps. Immensely. Even if you don't have writers block. The new Hana Yori Dango is out, that;s reason enough to go.

Oh, also, I was curious if anyone else here had online comics? I kind of want to start reading more than just the few really popular ones I read and the ones my friends I knew from before write. o^-^o

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Tips and tricks part 1 
04:09pm 21/07/2003
mood: frazzeled
The best way to get started with a comic is to think up what you want to write about. What happens in your story? What's the theme? Who's the characters? Got a special scene you want to put in? I do all that...y'know, write it down and fuss with it. Sometimes you might have to wait until late at night after hours of watching stupid movies and drinking caffine, but an idea'll come to you. Keep a little notebook with you and jot those ideas down. You see people doin' silly stuff around town? Write it up! That's what I do...it helps

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04:31am 28/06/2003
mood: insomniac
So! Anybody entering the Tokyopop contest? I'm not asking so I can have you killed or anything, thus improving my own chances, but instead out of curiosity.

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Dori Lori Shyla on... 
11:27pm 26/06/2003
mood: determined
MP3s. MP3s are amazing, they allow you to make cds with only your favorite songs, to keep the equivalent of hundreds of cds read to be used...they are amazing. And yet the government hates them. Why? because a few money hungry music excs don't see the big picture. They claim that their sales have gone down. Sure SOME cd sales have gone down for various reasons:
1.) People don't need more than one copy of a cd and already have it
2.) Most artists coming out today suck
3.) They'd made the price too far out of many people's budget.
I'm not against mp3 sharing. I think you should by the album of a group you like so they make more. If you like their stuff, shove a few dollars in their pants to they get back to work!! Before file sharing, I maybe would buy one of two cds a year, now that I've found hundreds of new groups that I love through an mp3 or two, I've actually bought *drum roll* over 100 cds in the past 6 months. not blank cds...real cds from the people. However, there are certain groups that I love that I can't get cds from because either they don't sell them anymore, they're very rare (Who's heard of Killer Pussy? Anybody? Huh? What about Group X? Rhapsody? Blind Guardian? didn't think so). I love Rhapsody. I heard one mp3 and went to buy their cds. I've been trying for FOUR DAMN YEARS to get their collection and the only way to find the cds I want of these obscure groups is to search high and low in seedy stores all over the place or try and order them online and with certain groups like Corky and the Juice Pigs, you can't even do that. There are groups out there that were amazing but so small and underfunded, they could only put out a few cds and then ran out of money. Go ahead record execs, cancel all file sharing. But if you do, you'd BETTER help the little guys get their music out to the public through serious promotion. I think that all cds you buy should have a little promo cd, one of those mini disks, with promotional song clips from other bands they carry that aren't that famous. Think about it record people; more money for you, more music for us.

Course, that'll never happen so lets screw the system. DL as many Mp3s as you can but try to keep a low profile. If they do ban file sharing, we have to fight back. People, we can't let some money hungry guys in suits take away our freedom! My god! We should boycott them completely. ONce they're not making ANY money, they might rethink it. Give me liberty or give me death! If our fore fathers could do it with tea, god damn we can do it with cds. That's the only way we can get our voices heard, by yanking them by the balls...through their wallet.

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Oy vey MAI 
08:15pm 26/06/2003
mood: lazy
mood: slaaaaaacking
music: Tears for Beers - Step it Up Mary
Well stayed up until 3 working on the MAI website. Didn't get all that much done....oy vey.

What I should be doing:
Doing layouts and pencils for OHA: A Day's Passing (it's due in a month)
Writing thankyou notes
working on MAI website

What I AM doing:
watching the matrix while eating tai rice noodles.

Slacking is an artform I tell you
Oh yeah, pet place had cute grey and white kittens this morning, there's nothing better than a purring kitten to make you feel good ^.^

By the way, I'd like to have a community mascot, anybody up to drawing Mai?
only requirment of character so far: belt full of art supplies, hard hat, T-ruler in one hand. Make her cute. If I draw her, she'll look like some sort of playboy bunny ^`^ aheh...

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10:27pm 25/06/2003
mood: accomplished
Welcome to Manga Artists Inc! A place for all manga artists to crit, enjoy their time together, link up and all that fun stuff! Join! Specially Online manga artists baby...

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