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erm new?

'Ello kids-

I'm new here :D

I've been drawing in the manga-esque style since I was 13 or so. Now however, I have entered into a more realistic looking style. I'm not as gung-ho about manga as I was when I was I daresay I grew out of it? But among my favorites now (which has dwindled a lot lately but thats OK) are Ai yazawa (who greatly influenced my style) Clamp, and Hajime Ueda/Gainax--but yes I may enter the TOKYOPOP contest next year cause I'm a busy college girl and I dont have a scanner so basically I have to wait til summer.

But my reason of being here--Anyone have any idea where a REALLY good and FREE webhost is??? I've always wanted to get something up and running cause my mind is bursting with ideas and right now I'm sitting on a manga gold-mine! XD

Hope to hear from you all soon!
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