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Dori Lori Shyla on...

MP3s. MP3s are amazing, they allow you to make cds with only your favorite songs, to keep the equivalent of hundreds of cds read to be used...they are amazing. And yet the government hates them. Why? because a few money hungry music excs don't see the big picture. They claim that their sales have gone down. Sure SOME cd sales have gone down for various reasons:
1.) People don't need more than one copy of a cd and already have it
2.) Most artists coming out today suck
3.) They'd made the price too far out of many people's budget.
I'm not against mp3 sharing. I think you should by the album of a group you like so they make more. If you like their stuff, shove a few dollars in their pants to they get back to work!! Before file sharing, I maybe would buy one of two cds a year, now that I've found hundreds of new groups that I love through an mp3 or two, I've actually bought *drum roll* over 100 cds in the past 6 months. not blank cds...real cds from the people. However, there are certain groups that I love that I can't get cds from because either they don't sell them anymore, they're very rare (Who's heard of Killer Pussy? Anybody? Huh? What about Group X? Rhapsody? Blind Guardian? didn't think so). I love Rhapsody. I heard one mp3 and went to buy their cds. I've been trying for FOUR DAMN YEARS to get their collection and the only way to find the cds I want of these obscure groups is to search high and low in seedy stores all over the place or try and order them online and with certain groups like Corky and the Juice Pigs, you can't even do that. There are groups out there that were amazing but so small and underfunded, they could only put out a few cds and then ran out of money. Go ahead record execs, cancel all file sharing. But if you do, you'd BETTER help the little guys get their music out to the public through serious promotion. I think that all cds you buy should have a little promo cd, one of those mini disks, with promotional song clips from other bands they carry that aren't that famous. Think about it record people; more money for you, more music for us.

Course, that'll never happen so lets screw the system. DL as many Mp3s as you can but try to keep a low profile. If they do ban file sharing, we have to fight back. People, we can't let some money hungry guys in suits take away our freedom! My god! We should boycott them completely. ONce they're not making ANY money, they might rethink it. Give me liberty or give me death! If our fore fathers could do it with tea, god damn we can do it with cds. That's the only way we can get our voices heard, by yanking them by the balls...through their wallet.
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