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Oy vey MAI

mood: slaaaaaacking
music: Tears for Beers - Step it Up Mary
Well stayed up until 3 working on the MAI website. Didn't get all that much done....oy vey.

What I should be doing:
Doing layouts and pencils for OHA: A Day's Passing (it's due in a month)
Writing thankyou notes
working on MAI website

What I AM doing:
watching the matrix while eating tai rice noodles.

Slacking is an artform I tell you
Oh yeah, pet place had cute grey and white kittens this morning, there's nothing better than a purring kitten to make you feel good ^.^

By the way, I'd like to have a community mascot, anybody up to drawing Mai?
only requirment of character so far: belt full of art supplies, hard hat, T-ruler in one hand. Make her cute. If I draw her, she'll look like some sort of playboy bunny ^`^ aheh...
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